Discover Web 3D

Discover Web 3D (DW3D) provides a powerful way to view Discover drillhole projects using any modern browser that supports HTML5 and WebGL.  With Discover Web 3D users create a drillhole project in Discover, connect to their cloud based account, upload the 3D data quickly and easily, and then publish the data for either internal or external viewing. Corporations are in control of what data and when it is published for viewing.

Discover 3D Web image

With Discover Web 3D viewers do not need any installed software or plugins and they can view the data anywhere there is an Internet connection.  The benefits of DW3D are many and include:

  • Works seamlessly with Discover
  • What is and when published remains under your company’s control
  • Use internally to allow executives and other users needing to know the latest results using standards based browsers
  • Use externally to keep viewers on your web page and interested in your assets
  • Security model enforced for preparation, publishing and internal viewing
  • Easy to add to any corporate web page
  • Intuitive controls for immediate interaction
  • Flexible: themes, draping, downhole data, labeling, layers are company controlled.
  • Display results for more than one parameter i.e. assay value and lithology

For additional information or to request a demo on Discover Web 3D contact GaME directly at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 520 744-4457.