More than Just a Web Map

GeoGRAFX & Moonlite Enterprises provide companies an ability to view and interact with their spatial data via the internet, either embedded on a corporate website or through a web portal. Our offering is aimed at any company that wants to quickly and securely create and share their mapping data on the web. This offering provides more accurate and timely web spatial information than is normally available as it is based on actual data collected from the field in an appropriate projection for reporting. It includes the ability to embed a branded map of a region showing a base map and any layers of spatial information companies wish to share internally or externally. The user will see this in an appropriate thematic and have the ability to explore the area and query for and view summary data for the site.

Companies will have the ability to publish the data from their existing MapInfo or in the near future, ESRI products. The offering gives the ability to specify a custom base map with various base map projections, a distant and area tool, and a query tool to differentiate selections.

The offering provides load modules for MapInfo/ESRI products that automate simple upload of data. There is password control and data validation to avoid obvious errors during upload.


The web client provides the viewer with:

  • Full dynamic user interactivity and animation without the need for Flash or Silverlight
  • Well designed and extensible component model
  • Ability to query data
  • Flexible mapping widgets like legends, pop-ups, and scale choosers
  • Skinning
  • Compatible with IE8 and modern browsers
  • Customizable layer and base map selection
  • Device independent including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

Currently Released

Meeting the needs of your company!! Visit the new web site at http://www.webmappable.com to find out more.