Service Level Agreement ("SLA")

Effective Date:

This SLA was last updated on Feb 20, 2013.

Geografx and Moonlite Enterprises (GaME)'s goal is to maintain 99.5% uptime on all of our service nodes. In the event that the service node does not experience 99.5% for your use for any given month, GaME will credit 5.0% of your monthly hosting fees for each 45 minute interval the service is unavailable up to 100% of your monthly hosting fees.

Any scheduled downtime of the node for hardware or software maintenance will not apply towards this downtime calculation. The SLA does not apply to any software or services running inside Client's server, nor to the Client's server directly. It is only for downtime caused by issues with the service node itself. The SLA does not apply in any situation which the downtime was caused or could have been prevented by the Client. If a client shuts down their own site or misconfigures it to be offline, the SLA would not apply. If the service node is online and functioning properly then the SLA will not apply in any case.

Terms and Conditions of Service Level Agreement

· Should network services be unavailable, you must submit a support ticket within 7 days of the incident to our billing department and provide the required details of the incident.

· A valid SLA claim will result in the appropriate amount of credit, as calculated above, being issued towards your upcoming invoice.

· "Uptime" (or Availability) is defined as the network services being up and available and does not extend to any specific software or services unless stated otherwise.

· The above "Uptime" is exclusive of any scheduled maintenance (i.e. scheduled maintenance does not count as "downtime")

· The above SLA applies to shared hosting only. Dedicated hosting Service Level Agreements are determined prior to purchase and a copy of this agreement will be presented to the client.

· Clients currently in arrears for services do not qualify for SLA claims. Clients participating in malicious or aggressive activities thereby causing attacks or counterattacks, do not qualify for SLA claims and shall be in violation of the AUP.