GIS Services

GeoGRAFX provides innovative computer-based data integration, management, and presentation services which cover the spectrum of the mineral exploration and mining industry; from grass-roots reconnaissance maps to the preparation of auditable databases for feasibility studies. The service allows large volumes of data to be processed rapidly to allow real-time decision-making.

All data projects are managed and conducted by experienced geoscientists and software engineers trained and skilled in the application of computer technology to mineral exploration. GeoGRAFX' turnkey approach to data capture and processing allows rapid movement of geological, geophysical, and geochemical data into a structured and usable format. Solutions are seamless and cost effective and may be applied to various earth science applications including geological, hydrological, and geotechnical exploration, site characterization, and environmental mapping, assessment, monitoring, and remediation.

For additional information on GeoGRAFX and it's services, visit the web site at http://www.geografxworld.com.