GaMe is dedicated to building leading edge solutions for various industries.  GaMe's initial focus is the resource sector.  GaMe has several dynamic projects including cloud web map viewing of assets and providing solutions to mid-tier mining companies for managing their property files.
GAME is excited to announce the unveiling of pbEncom's Discover 3D Web, the the first truly interactive 3D web solution for exploration.
JUST RELEASED - Property File Management System >>>  Properly managing property files is non-trivial.  GaMe organizes your existing property files into a secure, best practice database management system accessible from any location and on multiple devices!  The approach is modular in nature, allowing the client to select the components that best suit their specific needs.

Discover Web

Do you need to publish and share location-based information with stakeholders through an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use interactive web-based mapping solution?  pbEncom’s Discover Web is the answer!

GaME is in a unique position to offer Discover Web.  We provide full support including sales, training and customization of your site if requested, to provide more dynamic and powerful presentations.Now you can quickly and easily publish and share your location-based information with your stakeholders using an easy to use interactive web mapping system from pbEncom called Discover Web.

Create, modify, and share branded interactive maps in real time using Discover Web, the cloud-based, device-independent web mapping application for mining companies. With Discover Web from pbEncom, mining companies can post interactive maps to their websites that will allow shareholders to explore drill holes, section lines, lithologies, and regional information in greater detail than ever before. Discover Web also simplifies the creation process while maintaining the integrity of a company’s geological data. Different roles can be assigned to allow contributors or administrators. With Discover Web, design changes no longer require onerous programming, thus making it easy to align a map with a company’s overall corporate identity. And it works across browsers, operating systems, and devices. Integrity, simplicity, portability, and interactivity: Discover Web is the map application that you’ve been waiting for.


GIS Services

GeoGRAFX provides innovative computer-based data integration, management, and presentation services which cover the spectrum of the mineral exploration and mining industry; from grass-roots reconnaissance maps to the preparation of auditable databases for feasibility studies. The service allows large volumes of data to be processed rapidly to allow real-time decision-making.

All data projects are managed and conducted by experienced geoscientists and software engineers trained and skilled in the application of computer technology to mineral exploration. GeoGRAFX' turnkey approach to data capture and processing allows rapid movement of geological, geophysical, and geochemical data into a structured and usable format. Solutions are seamless and cost effective and may be applied to various earth science applications including geological, hydrological, and geotechnical exploration, site characterization, and environmental mapping, assessment, monitoring, and remediation.

George Moon Workshops

Innovation and achievement are essential elements for success in today’s highly stressful environment where companies struggle to survive with fewer employees.  Thinking differently is necessary to create  innovative ideas and accomplish what is necessary to be successful in today's climate. How we think and view our world has a large impact on our effectiveness.  Change can motivate or paralyze us in what we do.  George's approach is to present experiences from his successful career of innovation and achievement where many of his stories directly provide strategies that you need to be successful. Understanding that rapid change is often part of our new reality helps us to look past former expectations and fixed ideas. Come and explore strategies and techniques for dealing with the conflict that naturally comes from the implementation of change and learn from a variety of presented experiences.